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Fishing report for 6/7/2010
By Captain Don House of Branson Fishing Guide Service
Email: don@bransonfishingguideservice.com
Web Site: www.bransonfishingguideservice.com


Water Level: 916.8  Normal Pool 915.00
Water Temperature: Low 80's main lake  
Water Color: Clear up shallow and good color around the rest of the lake.
Creek Arms James, Long Creek are stained, White River Shell Knob to Camel Point down stream is clear.
Air Temperature: 80’s
Wind Condition: Calm 
Forecast:  Rain!
Summer Bass Fishing is going Shallow Early and then DEEP, Finally!
Well everyone not too much has changed in the last few weeks, although the fish are really starting to move out deep and suspend.  Some fish are still shallow early in the mornings in the 4 - 15 foot range on that football jig up around the DAM areas. So I will fish that bite until about 8:30 or 9:00 am then move over to the drop shot rig and spoon. Start looking for any type of structure in that magic 20 foot range over these deep fishing spots. Trees, Docks Cables, Brush Piles, Bridge Pillars and NO WAKE Buoys Cables anything in that magic depth will do. Fish are suspended right at that level chasing schools of very small bait fish. Just about all of the fish this last week came from drop shot, but I did get two really nice fat small mouths one in the 4 plus pound range and one tipped the scales at 5.2. All of the drop shot fish came on plastic Robo Worms in Bold Blue Gill and MM III Brown and Purple and of course when it gets tuff move over to crawlers for a lot of fun fishing action, with good days on the worm of 10 - 25 spotted bass of all sizes in 4 hours. Seems these fish will attack the crawler hard for about 5 - 10 fish per spot then they will shut off, go ahead and leave these fish and then come back in a few hours and they will be ready again.
Long Creek Area: Great Bite!  
Dam area, Indian Point to Kimberling City Area: Fair Bite!
Baxter Area to Shell Knob Area:  Slow Bite
James River Area: Great Bite 
Taneycomo: Good Early (Power Bait)
Best Bet Early and Late
Football Jigs are still producing fish early in shallow water on the flats and long points, I'm using a 1/2 to 3/4 ounce PB&J with a green pumpkin 4" Single tail grub or little craw trailer. Place out the boat out in the 20 foot range of water and cast shallow to the bush lines. Drag the bait back to the boat feeling for the bite, some days it is very hard strike, but some days it is very soft or nothing at all! Make sure you give the reel a few good turns to pickup any free line then set the hook. Shakey Jigs in 1/4 to 3/8 with small 4 - 6 inch worms in Watermelon Cotton Candy Flake seem to be the best flipped up in the shallows around bushes still in the water on these same points on main lake and in the creek arms.
Best Bet During the Day
Drop Shot Rig (4" Robo Worms Pur/Green or Brown/Red) or (Night Crawlers and Live Crawdads)
We are pretty much fishing the whole lake now, all arms are up and running good now, Bass are really moving from shallow to deep areas now and suspending in the magic depth of 25 feet. Main Lake is producing really good now on all points, bluff ends and deep water hangouts. We are also running up the James or the White River and looking for the long points close to the river channels and fishing on the bottom in that same magic depth. Placing the boat in 25 to 40 feet of water and dragging the rig across the point on the bottom or suspending over the same depth.
Bite is fast on Night Crawlers so take a lot and Plastic like Robo Worms is working well also with colors of Brown and Purple or Brown and Red in a 4 inch size. Rigging your crawler seems to be the trick right now for really fast action, all I will say is don't gob it together, Electronics are big now but that part you will to have hire me to see that.  Remember the bite changes in every area we fished, so pay attention and feel the bite. Starting finding and catching fish out in the deeper parts of the lake, deep trees and docks are starting to produce now as these fish move to there summer hanging outs. 
If you really want to learn how to drop shot the time is coming soon, learn how to search out these deep water haunts and understand what your electronics are showing you. Learn the different types of bites, how to set the hook, how to rig your drop shot, what type of equipment is used, plus much more. Call Capt. Don and lets setup a deep water trip it can open a whole new way to fish that everyone in the family can enjoy.
Trout Fishing is Hot
Trout fishing is starting to pickup again, the lower area of Taneycomo is starting to produce some good fishing with current, but can be slow with no current at all. COE keeps running generators everyday and keeping the water at a good flow but shallow up in the trophy zone.  We are dragging power bait on a 2 pound leader from the cooper creek area to just past the Branson Landing area. Colors are White, Sunrise, Chartreuse, Lemon Lime and Bubble Gum on the bottom or just suspended off the bottom. If you find a spot with fish stay there, fish are bunched up in groups right now, Tuesday on a trip we had our limit in 30 minutes in just one spot.
Will keep reporting my findings, Thanks for reading my reports drop me an email and let me know how your fishing trip was on Table Rock Lake and Taneycomo Lake.

Good Fishing Everyone

Capt. Don House

Branson Fishing Guide Service



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